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– Founded in year 2005.
– Lightech is a dynamic lighting company with a wide array of activities and services.
– Powered by professional experience in lighting projects, additional multi-discipline background in architecture, interior, and landscape lighting ; we can provide simple and seamless solutions to meet and exceed even the toughest of project needs.
– At Lightech, one of our main strengths is permanent variety of products, being the authorized representative for “Debbas Group” a Company with 100 years of experience and 2000 projects successfully delivered worldwide. This combination has developed a host of capabilities designed to generate sophisticated turnkey lighting solutions.



We believe in innovation and technologies that help designers create living spaces with greater emotional value. Every day, we design and implement better lighting, controls and automation, audiovisual systems, architectural ceilings and other innovative solutions that add a greater sense of security, comfort, aesthetic and fun coupled with productivity to any human environment.

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